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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Thursday 3rd September

Morning...quick update before we set off. In Eugene, had a day off yesterday so we could recover from the night out we had the night before. It was our official farewell to each other as the TransAm boys will be heading off tomorrow to San Francisco and the rest of us will be going north to Astoria and Eugene is a real town with restaurants and bars.
We came over the Cascades on Tuesday and the scenery changed dramatically - we went from high desert type area of Hells Canyon, to more trees but still dry to the rainforest of the western side of the Cascades. The trees are huge - might be redwoods, I think they are the really big ones, and its all covered in moss. The best bit was the miles of downhill we had. I think it was 16 miles up the hill from the town of Sisters where we'd stayed then 70 miles downhill, with about 10 of those steep, winding with switchbacks through the forest. Nearly died but it was great.
The place we stayed in Sisters was fab. Some woman in a VW camper van pulled Man Chris over on the road and asked where he was staying, thinking he was on his own. Explaining there were 8 of us, she said we culd go to her place and camp - turns out she and her husband have been putting up cyclists for 24 years. The place was great - a ranch just out of town. We pitched the tents on the L-lawn (the lawns had different names) next to the lake, which we were able to swim in. They gave us a lift to town to buy food so we had a BBQ, sat around chatting and playing with the 6 week old labrador puppy. Very civilised. The couple were great - Pattie and Jim. Old hippies it seemed, late 50s but in good shape, to the point where some of the young lads fancied Pattie. Or perhaps it was her boob job they liked.
So today is the official LAST DAY...Florence and the Pacific is the target, its only about 50-60 miles off. The plan is to get some champagne and camp on the beach - we'll see. We're probably not allowed to camp on the beach and who knows if there is anywhere to get champers. I'm sure we'll manage to celebrate in some way, before the tears!! Well, I know a couple of people will be glad it's officially over but there are some of us who don't want to finish. It's still 3 days cycling to get to Astoria but as far as I'm concerned once I hit the sea the rest is optional. The TransAm boys have another 600 miles to go to San Fran so they have a way to go.
Right...I need to get to the bakery for breakfast, laters....


  1. Congratulations Matt - next time you read this you will have finished - I can't believe it has gone so quickly - have you done it in superhuman speed time or is it just me not realizing we are nearly in winter time. Well done we are all v. proud of you as I am sure Ruby is. Have a great time with Alex and look forward to bulking you up when you get back! A&S etc xxx

  2. Ta for that...don't worry about the bulking up. I'm sorting that out myself already!!

  3. Congratulations Matt,You may well be back in Mc but I have followed the stress and strains and good humour of your journey with much enjoyment.Thank you.
    Lynne-Didsbury Drawing Group