This should be the route I'll be following...

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Distant Rockies

Just before i got a soaking yesterday


  1. Yo Dudley,
    hows it going? I've been reading your blogs and there seems to be a common theme of talking the sh*t out of people, and you say they can't stop telling you their life story ho ho! I see you getting into the rockies remember one pedal revolution at a time and you'll get to the top! So good luck duds. It's pleasing to see the comedy belly's dispearing at last althouhg there seems to be an inordinate amount of cake eating! A plethora of cake recipes could be good as I may have a teask for you when you get back. I hope you can sort out meeting your folks and if my old geezers memory is not totally befuddled Alex shiuld be comimg to meet you soon? Best wishes and bright blessings to you and I will check on your rockie conquest, later dudlkey,


  2. I'm not drunk by the way I just can't spell and Beth didn't chevk itt

    Ta Ra