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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Thursday, day 37 possibly

All going to plan so far...mum and dad landed and were having a nap, according to the text message I received the last time I had reception on my dear phone. So I called them this morning at their hotel, as arranged, no answer. Again, an hour later. No answer. Called again and spoke to reception who said they had checked out. This could be fun then. They do know where I was last night and where i should be tonight (Walden) so we'll see....
Anyway, I'm currently stopped off in Hot Sulphur Springs although I've yet to see or smell any evidence of any. Just cycled through a narrow but spectacular canyon to get here but had to pay attention as there are quite a lot of timber trucks knocking about. Stayed in Kremmling last night at an RV park, where they had showers and everything. That was great apart from the bit where I realised I'd left my towel hanging from a tree in Fairplay the night before. It was Kremmlings turn for a County Fair this week, so after my light breakfast of fried eggs, toast, coffee, orange, blueberry scone and a large cinnamon roll I went to watch the swine judging (!!). The bit I stayed for was the junior showmanship. This consisted of 6 kids (about 10 years old I think) steering their pigs around a ring with a stick and the one who controlled the pig the best won, it seemed. What actually happened was the pigs were lightly whipped and slapped round the ring for 20 minutes until they were quite annoyed and the kids were tired, and smeared with pig sh*t, until someone won. My favourite kid was a Jane Horrocks lookalike who refused to smile at any point and looked downright bored. I've a feeling she'll be heading for a big city just as soon as she can. It did pay to smile it seemed as the girl with the rictus smile and her arm confidently behind her back did come 2nd and the judge did mention her smile when announcing the winners. What he didn't see was her lack of smile anytime he was talking to someone else and not looking at the contestants. Lol. I'd been chatting to her mum it turned out, asking how it all works and they were overjoyed when she got 2nd. They were dead proud. It really upset me as me and Lysa haven't got that chance now. I was a bit of right off after that for a while.
I'd been for a drink with Chris in Fairplay on Tuesday evening and on the way back to the tents had ridden over some piece of wood which snapped a spoke and bent my panniers. This I'd forgotten till I'd loaded up the bike the following morning. Bugger. After a bit of messing around I decided to head gingerly to Breckinridge, over the Hoosier Pass, where they are several bike shops to get it sorted out. Fortunately it all held together and I made it over the pass and into town. The Pass was a bit of a doddle compared to Virginia and Kentucky. Don't know what the fuss was about. There was some spectacular scenery too, as you might expect. And so into Breckinridge, which is a busy touristy skiing resort in winter. It was a bit too much after the calm of the past few weeks and I made a hasty exit after a haircut, cake and bike repairs. I've now got a trimmed beard as opposed to just being unshaven for several weeks. It's great, shame I can't keep it when i get back. After leaving I realised I hadn't bought any spare spokes so stopped in the next town and messed around for another hour or so getting spares, getting a drink so I didn't leave for Kremmling, which was 40 miles away, till 5pm. Not the best plan, but this has happened numerous times so far. Good job it was downhill nearly all the way, it was a fantastic ride, past hills and reservoirs.
As I've not eaten for at least 2 hours, it's time to replenish the reserves....hopefully meet up with mum and dad later. Who knows....


  1. Good thing we're here to clean up after you. IF you could only keep up with us! we have your towel if you want it sent somewhere let us know. Chris & Chris

  2. Oh Matt, lovely reading your posts.