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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Saturday, part 2

I've had to come across town to another internet place as my time ran out at the library...even though there was a computer free, I'm not allowed to use it. Little empires.....
There is a local paper here, as in most small towns it seems and they all publish what the local police have been up to. Here are a few selections from this weeks 'West Yellowstone News'.
1. A citizen reported rental car stolen from a local hotel - officer found it had simply been misplaced.
2. An intoxicated individual was passed out in the lobby of a local hotel - Officer assisted individual in locating hotel in which he was allowed to pass out.
3. A black poodle was reported lost. It was decided that the poodle was not lost, only that he didn't care where he was.
4. A report of several individuals skinny dipping at a local hotel resulted in individuals making themselves rapidly un-locateable.
There are many sensible reports but it seems someone in the police department has a sense of humour. It kept us amused over breakfast.
Yellowstone is amazing. Wyoming improved the further west I got, the the Grand Teton mountains appeared which take your breath away, then you hit Yellowstone which is superb, though somewhat lacking in wildlife so far. Have seen 1 buffalo, but that was holding up traffic as it slowly strode down the centre line without a care in the world. I think we're off on a serious buffalo hunt today.
I finally bumped into the TransAm2009 boys, 3 lads from Loughborough Uni who I'd seen signed in at the Cookie Lady's place at the start of the trip (they were a week in front of me too - I don't mess about!!). They seem a good laugh and they should catch up again as I'm having this time off. Also caught up with Chris and Chris again in Dubois (pronounced DuBoys, they obviously don't do french here). They were also cursing the wind in Wyoming as it had taken them 8 hours to cycle the 70 miles (they had their bags).
Had enough for now...need to find mum and dad and go search for Buffalo. I should be back on normal service as from Monday as the days off will be over and I'll be back to cycling with all my gear, so I'll be doing a sensible number of miles per day and having frequent rest stops. It better warm up by then, it's freezing today.

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  1. hey suonds like yuo lot are having a good time. still no phone use yet. ? laura an dave said hi. was over there yesterday. how long ur mum and dad got left. must be onather week. laters alex xx