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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunday 9th (?) August

One month till Alex gets here...yayyy
Only got 20 minutes on this computer.....It's a hot Sunday In Boulder Colarado. What a cool town. Laid back, civilised, good food, things going on. The things a lot of the other towns so far haven't had.
So...met up with mum and dad on Friday, half way up Current Hill Pass, which was a surprise, especially as they forgot the specific instruction of 'I'll ring you Thursday morning' and they helpfully checked out of the hotel at 630am. On my 3rd phone call at 1000am I was told they had checked out. Great. Anyhow, we met up, just after I'd seen a mother and baby moose (ahhh), which was great, the meeting up that is, not the moose. They had harrassed several other cyclists between Denver and me thinking each one was me, but fortunately the cyclist were ok with that. Eventually met all of them, Mike, Elliot and Elroy who were a good gang of lads. Hopefully bump into them again before the end of the trip.
Spent the first night with parents in Walden, had decent food in town and they stayed in a not too dodgy motel and I camped in the park, along with Mike and co. Friday saw us head along the trail ridge road through the Rocky Mountain National Park - some fantastic views, mountains, scenery, fresh air, butterflies and all that.
9 minutes left...bugger.
Stayed in the slightl decrepit Elkridge lodge in Estes Park on Friday night - how the cabin didn't collapse is beyond me. It was like the one Calamity Jane lived in prior to the arrival of the singer woman before the 'A Woman's Touch' song (sorry - a gay boy and musicals fan reference). That song was going round in my head for ages afterwards.
Yesterday we made it to Boulder, despite mums best afforts to not get here. Wrongs routes, stops here and there...I've only threatened to stab them once or twice so far, which I think is pretty good. It's not that they are geriatric yet, they are just practicing hard. They almost have one complete memory between them, they just take it in turns to use it.
So Boulder is great, a brief bit of civilisation before I'm back on the road tomorrow. I've booked mum and dad into a motel in West Yellowstone on Thurs so I've to try get there for then. It's a bloody long way, about 120 miles a day I think, but with them carrying the bags, I'm hoping that's achievable. And with any luck I'll catch either Mike and the gang or Chris and Chris.
Out of time!!!


  1. hey yeh
    it is a month till i get there. need to get organised. soon passed. gonna look at places to visit. you ll have done hundreds of USA palces by the time i get there so i can pick. promise no shopping malls, may be just one. xx

  2. I got back into shopping in Boulder, briefley. Back in the middle of nowhere now so options limited again

  3. You are very brave allowing your parents to come along, my mum and dad are exactly the same! xxxxxx