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Thursday, 20 August 2009, hot, hot

Finally, it's getting hot again. It's supposed to be in the 90s today, which after this morning where we literally had to scrape ice off our bags, will be good. That's a 60 degree temperature change from dawn to the afternoon. Needless to say I haven't got the clothes for all those temperatures, so was rather cold when I got up.
Currently in Darby, should arrive in Missoula tomorrow, which is the end of map 4, then only 3 to go!! Scary....
So, on Tuesday we actually did something normal - we went to the pictures, to see Public Enemy (I think - memory has gone again). It was good and a novelty doing something normal. Then ransacked Safeways and got food. I'm now doing cereal in a morning instead of the normal fry up so I (a) save money as I've no idea what all this is costing me and (b) make life slightly healthier. So I bought some granola, which according to the pack has 11 servings in, which I finished this morning, so it lasted for 2 breakfasts. I think their portion size and mine differ somewhat.
We left Dillon at the late time of 10 and I intended doing about 80 miles with the rest (Chris and Chris, Aaron and Shaz) stopping at Wisdom, about 62 miles. There were 2 decent climbs but the whole way was a head wind, again. It was knackering. By the time I got into Wisdom I was battered so pitched the tent and had a kip for over an hour. I headed into town for dinner and found the TransAm gang had arrived so ate with them, and about 9 the rest of the gang showed up. We had a right posse together - 9 of us all camped out. It's good. We're sticking together today it seems and might all end up having Saturday off and going up to Glacier National Park, in a hire car.
This mornings ride was glorious, once the temperature rose above bloody freezing. We went through pine forest, next to a river, sun could smell the forest. We had a decent climb then a 2800ft decent over 7 miles, with virtually no traffic, which was fantastic. One of the TransAm guys got up to 48 mph, madman -I think I hit 38mph, quite enough.
I think both me and mum and dad were in Jackson yesterday at the same time but I was Jackson, Montana and mum and dad were Jackson, Wyoming. They should really have had more imagination when naming these places. Hope the flights were ok if you're reading parents. Did you go the national fish hatchery at Ennis? Apparetnly the population of that town was 280 people and 11000000 fish, according to the town sign.
Time to go...


  1. Yo Dudley,
    been following the blogs and things look like there going good, are you sure you should be looking for bears? I agree with Irene back to mummsie to look after you ahhh. You seem to be with a good crew so hopefully they will help you long, and beware as much as you take the mickey out of your parents I've seen you not maikng much sense! Good luck as I'm off on my jollydays with all the girls to Zante and I'm not sure off tinternet connctions. I will catch up with you on the blog when I get back Ta Ra for now chuck,


  2. Blimey Matt, I get exhausted just reading about the distances, weather etc. Betcha longing for a good bit of cake stall fodder eh? Sod the healthy eating, you should be like a (northern) whippet by the time you're done. Lotsa love mate, we're cheering you on far afar. x x x