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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Yes, it is the Rockies

I know this because I've been climbing for the past 20 miles. I'm now in Guffey about to have a strawberry smoothie and lemon cake...possibly followed by a milkshake and chocolate brownie. I need the energy! There is also a Model-T Ford rally in about half an hour so I might stick around for that.
Left Chris and Chris in Pueblo yesterday and took the scenic route past 2 very large Correctional Facilities (prisons. You'd love it in Colorado Alex, it's prison central). The Rockies loomed larger and larger after each bend. I carefully applied all the varieties of suncream I have before leaving town, and then it promptly clouded over, then I repeated a previous mistake of being the highest thing around during a thunderstorm with lightening make land every few minutes. I wasn't happy. Then the wind nearly blew me off the road and made the rain hurt it was so hard. And then it cleared up. By this time I was in a real town, Florence. It had a main street with actual shops in it, not closed ones made to look occupied. And people. I decided to eat and went to a mexican place, Con-Los I think. It was fab. I knew the woman who ran it lifes story before I left. She took it over from her parents in Jan after they ran it for 40 years, she took a $20000 car loan to finance gastric band surgery as she weighed over 300lbs (I saw the pictures), she works 9am to midnight 6 days a goes on. She was fab. And the food was great too, especially the homemade cheesecake. 2nd piece of the day - I had some at a great deli in Pueblo, along with 2 pints of hot tea. It was about 100 degrees at the time. It was good though.
Decided to try for Royal Gorge campsites, which didn't seem such a good idea when it got dark and I was still on the road. Oops. Put the tent up in the dark. Not the best way of doing things - the woman who ran the site told me off for cycling in the dark.
Decided to be a tourist early this morning and cycled to Royal Gorge to look at the worlds highest suspension bridge - it was quite high I suppose. Just about worth the 8 mile round trip. Got about another 40 miles to do today and will hopefully end up in Fairplay with the Hoosier Pass first thing tomorrow morning. Bring it on.
Smoothie and cake time...bye

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  1. Awesome, a non stop excuse to eat cheesecake all day. I'm envious.