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Friday, 17 July 2009

Day 10, Friday 17th, Berea, KY (that's Kentucky)

Had a morning off!! Yaayy...Managed to get my cycling gear washed and dried, after cycling round for an hour looking for the laundromat. This place is cool, a cross between Hebden Bridge and Chorlton, a bit smarter, and without the homoshexules - there is still a lot of God here. I've actually eaten real food - cookies that have recently come out of an oven and not a packet and ice cream that was home made. I've been trying to find some fruit and veg to eat but didn't see anywhere whilst i was cycling round so asked at the tourist office. Literally, the only place that sells fruit in the whole town (a college town with a population of 10000+) is Walmart (AKA Asda). That's what happens I suppose when supermarkets rule the world. Scumbags.
Berea is the craft and folk capital of Kentucky and is in the top 25 small art towns in the US (can you tell I'm using the computer in the tourist office?). I'm staying at the Morning Glory B+B (!!!) (well, I had to look) which is so-named after the Morning Glory flowering plant (Bindweed in the UK I think). It's cool - the people who run it are weavers so there is all handmade stuff all over, and as I type they are making stuff on the looms in the shop downstairs.
Opposite the shop is a village green type place where there was a jam session last night with about 15 people playing bluegrass and country music, which was great whilst i was eating the ice cream. It's gospel tonight which I'll miss unfortunately.
I suppose I'd better be making tracks soon. I'm having an easy day cycling today and am not sure where tonights destination will be yet, but it will be back to camping after the last 2 nights extravagence in motel and B+B. And i won't be doing a repeat performance of the long long day I did yesterday. I was really rather tired at the end of it. I did see a real snake, alive and everything yesterday, basking in the sun. It was about 4 foot long and black. And I found a turtle (or was it a tortoise?) in the middle of the road, which was also alive. I'd seen some very squashed roadkill the day before that i thought could have been turtle-like but didn't know if they had them here. Anyway, having found an intact, alive one, I can conclude they do.
Oh, and I've read Ben Goldacre's book (he's the Guardian science writer), Bad Science, which was very good. All about the reasons why and how scientific research is twisted by the media etc, homeopathy, nutritionists and so on. I'd recommend it.
Time to go...laters

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  1. If you had been able to wait until 4:30, you could have had all the locally grown fresh veggies/fruits you could have wanted, along with homemade bread and loaf cakes. Local farmer's market is Tuesdays and Fridays 4:30 until 7. Sorry you missed out. Bike carefully, enjoy the gloriously cool weather!