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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Is it Thursday?

Losing track of the days and dates...I'm in Larned, temporarily, recovering from this mornings 50+ mile ride with no gas stations, no grocery stores, no nothing apart from 1 long, straight road, a few cows and Kansas to look at. It was quite dull. I think there is another 2 days of this then the Rockies start to kick in. I have got the opportunity of visiting The Barbed Wire Museum this afternoon, which sounds like something I shouldn't miss. Or the alternative is The Stone Post Museum, which exists because they had to erect stone posts to connect barbed wire to as there were no trees left to use for timber. Spoilt for choice. This all depends on me not fannying around for too long, which I am particularly good at I now realise. I did manage to leave at about 745 this morning though, which is good for me. I was motivated by the fact there is a chance of a hot shower if I cycle about 110 miles today and as I haven't had a hot shower for at least 3 days (I think) that sounds quite appealing. The prospect of yet another Wet-Wipe wash isn't doing anything for me.
I came past some wildlife refuge on the way, salt marshes and wetlands, habitats for birds, deer etc etc according the the information board (which I bet every cyclist reads as there's little else to do). Unfortunately for the birds, this little oasis of natural habitat is also advertised as a spot for shooting. Nice. The blurb was talking about how habitat destruction was having an impact on bird populations and so on - mmm....and possibly being shot out of the sky might play a small part too! And also in this wildlife refuge was some of those little nodding donkey (or is it dog?) things that pump oil out of the ground. They dont cause any pollution at all....I did see a very pretty red headed woodpecker though. And various dead frogs - roadkill.
Chris and Chris haven't managed to shake me off yet...ended up at the same City Park last night and my need for a shower means we'll probably end up in the same place tonight. If they aren't carefull we'll be spending much of the next 4 weeks together.
Better go..need phone credit and the Barbed Wire Museum is calling....


  1. Hey Matt,

    Glad to see you're plugging along. Can't wait to hear about the Barbed wire museum. I did get a call from a 21 yr old kid named Bennnet. He stayed with us this past Sunday evening. Nice guy. I'll let you know if we hear from the "Film Crew". All the best.

    Beth & Garry

  2. i put this on already but it mustnt have worked. isnt barbed wire the film with pamela anderson?

  3. Sadly, I was too late for the Barbed Wire Museum and I doubt Pammie was there. The people we stayed with last night did assure us that both that and the Stone Post Museum were in fact very interesting.