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Friday, 31 July 2009

Friday 31st July

OK, so the love affair with Kansas is over. Bored of it now. We've cycled 40 or so miles today so far with a side wind, not even a head wind, and it's a nightmare. Fortunately the aspirations are low today and we're probably stopping in the next town, Scott City, which is only 24 miles away. The scenery is now how I imagined Kansas to be. Flat, can see nothing for miles, sunny. Last night was great though. After Chris and Chris set off early again yesterday, we met up again about 15 miles from Bazine where there was Elaine's Bicycle Oasis, where we all decided we were staying, mainly becauseof the promise of the hot shower. Got there, home-cooked meal almost ready, finally had the hot shower, which felt soooo good, then stuffed ourselves on chicken, pasta, pesto, home-grown sweetcorn, tomatoes, squash etc etc. It was fantastic. Elaine and Dan were great too. 7th Day Adventists i think (no idea what that means exactly), really generous, happy to feed up weary cyclists. Chris asked her why she decided to start operating the B+B for cyclists and she answered 'Because I saw all these miserable cyclists going past'. I think that's because it's frequently 100 degrees plus here and they were passing out from sunstroke and exhaustion. I did the cheap option and didn't get a bed but got to sleep on the porch in my sleeping bag which was good - kind of under the stars but not quite. Although I was covered in cat hair when I woke up - I must have had the cats bed. Dan brought his mate in to talk to Chris about teaching kids about drugs this morning - he's 6 years clean from meth, coke, was like a morning at home, all the drugs talk. You're missing out Alex - you should have come! So after last nights very good evening of relaxing and home cooked food, it's back to normal tonight. I think we'll be in the lobby of some athletic club tonight. But it's only $10.
1 more day of Kansas, then it's Colarado...and not far to the 11000 ft Hoosier Pass. That ain't going to be flat.
By the way, I've no credit and no reception on the phone if anyone has attempted to get in touch. Going to try and sort that out next.


  1. Keep going, you are making AMAZING progress.

  2. Hi, Matt, if you keep up with Chris and Chris it looks like we'll be carrying 3 lots of gear.
    Don't worry about that pass, we'll push from behind!
    Brilliant effort so far. Are you on target?

  3. hola. wondered what happened to my text messages? cos yuo aint got no phone going. sounds like yuor meeting some interesting people. well they sound like intresting to me ...drug talk. spoke to yuor mum and dad they made arrangements to get their flight. yuo nearly gone 3 weeks now by the time yuo see this. does nt seem that long. but it might for yuo? ive to drive 160 miles tommorrow and im moaning about it. probably what yuo do in a day or 2 .! hopefully you ll have yuor phone sorted and then i ll speak to yuo soon. hope yuo re legs arent too sore. alex x x

  4. Message from Carol:
    Hi chuck hope u r ok. keep going not long now!!
    Just to let u know my spuds r doing well. Going to turn my house into 'Spud U Like' Thinking of u all the time take care xx

  5. Thanks for the comments. . Havent i been gone 4 weeks alex? You'll be here soon. And as for me keeping up with chris and chris, they set off a week before me! I think we'll in our separate ways today but probably meet up on the way again as were aiming to finish about the same time. Glad to hear the potato enterprise is going well carol. . Lol