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Monday, 20 July 2009

Monday 20th

Just a quick hello...staying at the Christian Cyclist Hostel at the Baptist Church in Sebree, Kentucky. Once again, the people here have proved themselves to be amazingly friendly and hospitable...I can't imagine getting this kind of welcome back in the UK. Bob and Violet, the pastor and his wife have fed me, given me somewhere to kip, and we've spent the evening chatting about religion, healthcare, communities. It's been good. Met a few other cyclists today, most of whom had stayed here too. Violet was saying she has fed 142 cyclists so far this year. Keith and Vernelle are heading in the same direction as me, 2 American ex sergents in the Army I think. They took a video which they are putting on their MySpace site for mum and dad - I'll text you the web address!
One lad had just been bitten by some stupid dog but fortunately that incident obviously satiated it's appetite as it couldn't be bothered chasing me when I went past it an hour or so later. It hadn't bothered with the other 3 American lads who were on their way east too. They were trying to kidnap a cat from a shop in Utica when I left them. It didn't look that impressed.
Kentucky has not been that exciting again today, although it has got noticably flatter which is a bonus. Lots of sweetcorn (although for cattle feed, not human consumption I've just learned), soy and tobacco is been grown round here.
A potentially very long day tomorrow, which may be possible if it stays flat. If it's hilly, it wont be! With any luck I'll be in Carbondale tomorrow night, at Crab Apple State Park or something like that, probably sore and moaning!


  1. Ok we can cope with you coming back a skinnier or should that be skinny(?)Matt, but a skinny baptist - Noooooooooooo!

    Saw Alex last night at Oddest - we were photographed by the MEN - we will keep the photo as evidence of what he was wearing

    Alex & gang

  2. Matt, we had a really great time meeting you. Glad you weren't struck down by the Baptists in Sebree! We'll keep watching the blog and we'll let our friends on Facebook know about you! Best of luck!

    Beth & Garry

  3. The dog was probably put off by the smell of your cycling gear!

  4. Yo dude,
    I've been keeping up with your blog and its fantastic that you're on your way, shouldn't be long before the comedy belly is a distant memeory or, a goal for when you get back. If it wasn't for Gerwin I wouldn't understand the bears joke tch tch. I've got some news for you which if we'd had got our timings in synch you would have found out at the party that you and Alex were invited too. Guess what I got engaged!!! Anyway keep eating and drinking enough and I'll keep a watch on your progress, take care bud

  5. We like doggies so be nice to them ! We like to read about Super Matts adventure even though Dad says you're nuts - but we know you arent. Could you save some ice cream for us, chocolate for me and strawberry for Niamh. Oh yes and one of those flat turtle things - did you flatten it?