This should be the route I'll be following...

Friday, 10 July 2009

Uh oh, the mountains are coming. .

Somewhere under the clouds are the appalacians


  1. Looks like the road to nowhere. Can't you go round the mountains?
    Hi Matt, this is the 3rd attempt at posting a comment- hopefully we'll get through. Glad to hear that you arrived safely and are enjoying the local (killer) cuisine.
    Love, Mum&Dadxx

  2. Only a small range to cross then, eek.

  3. Hi Matt, keep pedalling it looks amazing.

    Apparently it is not the bears in that neck of the woods but instead....

    "The Appalachian Highlands are rampant with salamander diversity"

    So there you go, I will check Ray Mears' tips on sauted salamander!

    xx Alex, Sally and the gang