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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Wednesday night...sunburnt, fat and tired

It didn't quite go according to plan today....I'm esconced (?) in the Holiday Inn Express, Mechanicsville...I'm supposed to be in my tent about 20 miles up the road but it was either have food and get a room or get to the campsite before it gets dark and miss the food. The food option won. Mmm, and good food, unlike all the hideous junk I've had today. I even had a burger that had probably been cooked about an hour (optimistically) before I got there from a bad grocery store. At the time though, it did taste great. I can't believe how much I've had to drink...I must have had 10 litres of nice and not-so-nice fluids today. The worst was a banana, non-dairy protein drink. The best was a Long Island Iced tea.....

Virginia is very nice indeed. I had to cycle 13 miles from last nights hotel in Williamsburg to Yorktown, then back again as Williamsburg is inland and I hadn't located a hotel in Yorktown. Some of Yorktown was a bit like Colonial themed area in an amusement park but Williamsburg was the genuine article if now full of tourist shops, but quite tastefully done. Very Georgian. On the noticeboard in Yorktown was an invitation to go 'Shagging on the Waterfront' every weekend. As it is very genteel I presume that means something different over here. I cycled through miles of forest today - really big trees, lots of eagles and birds of prey, butterflies, drogonflies etc etc. It was great. And flat fortunately. I'm breaking myself in for the hills - 2 days away I think.

I almost had sausage gravy (and that's not a euphemism,although perhaps it should become one) for breakfast. WTF. It looked like porridge with stuff in it. Thank the Lord I asked first. Who thought of that?? I know the idea is to try new things but no. There are limits.

Getting lost several times didn't help the planning. The maps are good so long as you stay on the road. Move off it and there's no chance. Fortunately the people I've met have been very helpful, with the exception of the guy who I made jump as he couldn't hear me saying 'hello' as his lawnmower was too loud. He really did want to punch me when he'd climbed back down off the kennel. And generally they are very friendly - loads of people wave, one guy was applauding me from his car as I went past. Not quite sure what that was about.

Not managed to get an American SIM card for my phone yet - it appears they don't give them away over here like they do at home. I dread to think what it costs to send the pics over - someone ring Orange and find out!

Aiming for Mineral tomorrow or possibly Charlottesville if it's not too hot.


  1. I think this is a food diary rather than cycle diary, hehe. Sounds as if you are already into it buster. Orly x

  2. Matt, I am very worried about you having got lost on your first day but hopefully you have gps on your phone, if you do here are the travel co-ordinates or whatever they're called...

    Mineral is located at 38°0′22″N 77°54′34″W / 38.00611°N 77.90944°W / 38.00611; -77.90944 (38.006117, -77.909553)[3].

    Some more interesting factoids about mineral...

    Mineral was originally known as Tolersville, but adopted its current name when it incorporated in 1902 due to the mining industry that supported the community. It was the center of gold mining activity in Louisa County and during its heyday there were no fewer than fifteen gold mines located within two miles of the town. A zinc and lead mine also operated in the area into the 1970s.

    According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 0.9 sq mi (2.3 km²), all land.

    As of the census[1] of 2000, there were 424 people, 172 households, and 115 families residing in the town. The population density was 474.7/sq mi (183.9/km²) . There were 196 housing units at an average density of 219.5/sq mi (85.0/km²). The racial makeup of the town was 96.70% White, 2.12% African American, 0.24% Native American, and 0.94% from two or more races.

    Sounds like you might be the first ever gay biker to have holed up on their shores....!


  3. hey keep going . yuo ll get fitter as it goes on ready for the hills x x x alex . dev

  4. hey you need to dirnk carbs

  5. hey its 10pm here. sent you a text but it cameback. i rang orange abuota simcard for you but they did nt help i ll tryagain tommorrow. did uo sort it yet. take it easy what ever time it is there...x x x alex. dev