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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Day 12, Sunday 19th

I'd like to tell you where I am but i don't exactly know...somewhere near the Falls of Rough, still Kentucky (although i have crossed a time zone now). I'm staying with Beth and Garry who found me via facebok and offered me a place to stay for the night - and very cool it is too. Right out in the sticks, 70 acres of fields, woods, a stream, rocks, a couple of horses, dogs and cats. There were chickens but the cayotes got them. They are just finishing off building their new house next to this 'cabin' where they live now. They are cyclists and offer their place for the night to other cyclists in need of a shower and a decent nights kip. The people out here are amazingly friendly. I could quite happily live here. Even the dogs are nice and after the recent experiences, that's saying something. I did resort to having gravel in my handlebar bag to launch at the annoying dogs - it works I was pleased to discover. Ha.
The previous 2 nights have been under canvas but not sadly on campsites where there have been mod cons such as toilets and showers...the first night already was in a county park, which basically means like Wythenshawe park, but without the scumbags. I just turned up, phoned the local coppers, told them I was there and that was that. Last night was similar but the park was already locked up so I ended up next to a water tower behind the High School. Glam. It was quiet least i didn't have to listen to some boring biker droning on for ever like a few nights ago, talking about the powder coating company he worked for. Bothered. Hodgenville (Abraham Lincoln's boyhood town) was cool, mainly because there was a classic car rally on in the centre of town so there were lots of superb aged American classics there - big 50s things with fins, all shiny and everything, lots of chrome, it was fab. With the addition of a 1/2 pound burger followed by ice cream, it was a very good night. Everyone in town clocked me of course, taking lots of pictures in my lycra, and loads of them chatted to me, very friendly.
Todays cycling wasn't particular exciting. Managed to go the wrong way for about 5 miles, which was quite annoying, especially as it involved a reasonable amount of hills. I'm blaming Alex for that as we were texting at that point and I must have been distracted. And been thinking about Ruby lots the past few days, with anniversaries and everything.
Staying in some Baptist Church tomorrow (I know, if I get through the door without being struck down) , if I get my act together. It's a long ride I think, although after tonights luxury that should be fine! Laters...


  1. Hey Matt - I put another garland round Ruby's tree, very similar to the one you put there (which I left intact), tried to MMS a pic to you, but failed. Thought you would like to know. Am somewhat stunned at the thought of you being entertained by the Baptists!

  2. Cat is still meowing, fish are still swimming, bamboo is still growing, kitchen floor has no chips in it and theres still a naked man in the garden. x

  3. Naked man?!?!?! How come I wasn't informed?

  4. Calm down, Irene, it's only half a man and the important bit's missing.
    Matt,tried to ring you yesterday but couldn't get a connection.
    That lycra will soon be setting a new trend - have you been stuffing socks down your y frontsagain?
    PS. Don't tell Dom about the classic cars.